No Creator Productivity? Flashing The Field To Fix Or Troubleshoot

No Creator Productivity? Flashing The Field To Fix Or Troubleshoot

By Kevin L Nelson | Submitted On January 10, 2012

As an old worker and existing proprietor of an industrial generator leasing company and electrician with fifteen years of generator troubleshooting feel, i have have many times when the engine running the genset try working big, although generator isn’t really making any power. There are many posts on the internet detailing ideas on how to flash the field being re-magnetize the creator, but this goes one step more but also explain just how unnaturally fun a generator can aid in narrowing down the cause of the troubles.


Simply because you never see any volts on your own panel meter does not mean you defintely won’t be electrocuted. Recall, the panel meter is generally flawed, always check they with a hand conducted multimeter. Subsequently, blinking a field leads to a build up of magnetism around the generator. Eventually of inactivity, the magnetism may dissipate completely and flashing the field “refills” the missing magnetism. Its, but entirely possible that the reason for the generator losing output isn’t really related to insufficient recurring magnetism within the generator. If this sounds like the actual situation, next there’ll be a voltage present that’s below the ranked result voltage, but positively enough to create an agonizing electrocution.


Utilize a multimeter to test if you have any voltage current at all. If there is, this may be’s an excellent sign the problem is maybe not within the creator.

Sealed the device off and find the voltage-regulator. You will find 2 wires marked F+ and F-. Seriously consider in which each try and take off all of them. Place your multimeter on “Ohms” and gauge the weight across them and take note of the outcome. Unfortunately each maker has different standards as normal, but 0 and unlimited ohms are a couple of not so great news indications that you’ll require the expertise of a generator rewind store. When you yourself have ohms, create the cable down and read on.


Ideally you should have a variable DC provide available. If you don’t, incorporate a 9V battery pack, if not an automible power supply and very carefully get together the [+ to F+] and also the [- to F-].

Starting the motor, and ensure that it it is at lower idle preferably. You will want to instantly determine a voltage exists. Just like you boost engine RPM, might notice the current increase. Usually do not go above ranked current. Keep carefully the device run for half a minute and turn off the engine.

Re-connect the F+ and F- for their original location. Today begin the motor and watch for those who have volts.


By blinking the field and providing the device around proper voltage, you effortlessly ruled-out any dilemmas inside the creator’s major windings (the most costly repairs).

You really need to today focus on the AVR (automatic voltage regulator), a fuse in line with the AVR, or a line or change that supplies the AVR. Do “tug evaluating” of cable, visually examine exactly what you’ll. If nothing wrong is found, communications the manufacturer in the generator to see precisely what the ohms associated with the industry should always be and contrast it as to what you receive previous.

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